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Senin, 23 Maret 2009

Medical Alarm

Are your parents very old? Are there any elderly in your house? if you have old parents or there elderly in your home, you should give them more attention because olde people or elderly can’t do their activities as strong as young people. As old people, who have a weaker body, they tend to get injure because of falling from the bed, in the bathroom, when walking or other possibility. I will be no problem if there are people around them. How about if there are not? How about if no one helps them? So, what should we do to anticipate this situasion? I think, we should find a tool that can detect where our parents are? We should find a tool in which the tool will inform us if something happens to them? Luckily, now there is Medical Alarm that will answer the people’s needs. As soon as our parents or elderly use Medical Alarm, the Medical Alarm will accompany them wherever they are. If something bad happens to them, such as fallinng, the Medical Alarm will connect it to live help instantly and the officer will help them. Medical Alarm will work ad give protection for 24 houser in 7 days. What make it special is that the Medical User won’t have to push any button to inform, the tools will work instantly as soon as the users have problem, such as falling. So, if you want to protect you and your family, trush Medical Alarm to be one of your security. For further info, please visit

3 komentar:

  1. Kenapa gak di terjemahkan bang biar lebih mudah dipahami

  2. I like this article...althought I feel confuse to translate into Indonesia...he...
    But I can improve my English...right...


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